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Finally, a dental surgery that says – ‘Walk ins are welcome’ – Even on a Saturday

Finally, a dental surgery that says – ‘Walk ins are welcome’ – Even on a Saturday

You never can tell just when you might eat popcorn that results in a broken filling or a rouge ball in softball might knock out a tooth on a Saturday morning. It can be impossible to get an emergency dental appointment – especially on a Saturday in Camden or Narellan. Or even if the dental surgery is open, Saturday appointments need to be booked out a month in advance as everyone wants a Saturday appointment.
If you are in a position where you cannot make it to a dentist in the event of an emergency there are some dental tips you should keep in mind:

  • Knocked out tooth: this particular accident really does need immediate dental care to ensure no long term damage
  • Toothache: if you cannot make it to a dentist soon, painkillers are your best bet. Also avoid eating any sugary, hot/cold foods that may aggravate your tooth pain
  • Sore gums: if you have ulcers or sore gums try gargling and swishing salt water. This will ensure to kill any bacteria, and prevent an infection from getting worse in the mean time
  • Lost filling or dental crown: this may seem like an emergency, however can be managed until you see a dentist the next day or so. Just ensure to keep a hold of that tooth filling (unless you swallowed it!)

Somerset Dental Care has daily dedicated emergency spots available, to ensure that whether it is a chip or a crack on a Tuesday afternoon or a knock out on a Saturday – we can accommodate your needs where possible. If you are uncertain whether you are experiencing an emergency, call us on 4648 0909 to speak to a member of the Somerset Dental Care team.