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Get whiter teeth instantly!

Get whiter teeth instantlyIn-chair Whitening Service $850
With our new in-chair whitening service, you can have whiter, brighter teeth instantly. All you have to do is spend less than 2 hours on a chair while our expert Dentists whiten your teeth!This service is perfect for:

  • Busy people
  • Special occasions such as weddings, birthday or other events
  • People who want instant results

What’s included in our in-chair whitening service?

  • A free polish on the day
  • 3x 15 min bleaching sessions (an extra 15 min option if required at no cost extra cost)
  • Bleaching trays for home applications
  • Take home maintenance bleaching kit included

You get all this for $850! To book, call 02 4648 0909  or email us using the Make An Appointment form.

DIY Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit from $380

If the in-chair whitening service is not for you, then try our DIY Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit from $380!

This allows you to whiten your teeth at your own convenience in the leisure of your own home.