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Give Your Child A Fresh Start for 2016 with the Child Dental Benefits Scheme

Give Your Child A Fresh Start for 2016 with the Child Dental Benefits Scheme

January is the perfect month to get ourselves organised for the year to come. Back to school shopping, summer clean outs and New Years’ resolutions – January is when we have the best motivation and available time to achieve a more organised existence.  It is also the perfect time to commit to comprehensively attending to your child’s dental care.

The national Child Dental Benefits Scheme clicks over each calendar year, entitling eligible children to $1000 per year over a two year period. This can significantly assist with the cost of any general or preventative dental services your child may require. Somerset Dental are proud facilitators of the Child Dental Benefits Scheme, offering an extensive range of included services to care for your child’s dental health. Covered services in the scheme include examinations, x-rays, fillings, fissure sealing, cleaning, root canals and extractions but unfortunately excludes any orthodontic and cosmetic services.

To check your eligibility and the Scheme’s details, please visit the Human Services website. There you will find all of the relevant information to make sure you get the very best entitlements offered under this initiative.

To organise either your child’s first or follow up appointment under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme, simply advise us that you are eligible when making a booking.


When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?


Our children should start visiting the dentist before they even have a full set of teeth! It seems a little odd considering they have little teeth; however our teeth are one of the first things we develop in the womb. Our teeth are there even before we see them.

The best time

The best time to bring children in for their first dental care appointment is by their first birthday and regular appointments should start from between two and four years. First dental care visits are about getting your children used to the dentist and the dental chair. We show them a toothbrush and show you and your children how they can start using it. A child’s first dental care visit is as much for the parents benefit as it is for the children.


It’s important to visit the dentist from such an early age because as soon as we have any teeth we are at risk of contracting tooth decay. Dental care is all about prevention and as they say prevention is better than cure. At Somerset Dental care we recommend you and your children have your teeth cleaned every six months. Combined with a dental x-ray every two years, check-ups ensure optimal dental health so that invasive and expensive treatments can be avoided.

Dentists are ‘scary’

Dentists have the age old stigma of being ‘scary’; this is because people have had a negative dental care experience. As a result, people avoid visiting the dentist due to their bad experiences. The longer we leave our dental care appointment, the more chance there is for a build-up of dental care issues, such as tooth filling, root canal, tooth extraction and more.

We want to prevent your children having such a negative experience from the get go. Going to the dentist every six months for teeth cleaning is said to prevent tooth decay tenfold. Many people who have had regular check-ups from an early age have still avoided having a tooth filling to this day. By going to the dentist regularly and from an early age, the dentist will be a very positive experience.

Baby teeth are important too

It is just as important for children to visit the dentist for baby teeth as adult teeth. Problems and tooth decay in baby teeth can lead to serious oral issues for adult teeth, which is why it is important to visit a dentist for dental care from an early age. Children with tooth decay in baby teeth will either require tooth extraction or tooth filling and this can be an unnerving experience. Just by having a regular teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment this can be very easily avoided.

At Somerset Dental care we offer the Child Dental Benefit Schedule, a government incentive that allows eligible children between the ages two and 17years access to basic dental services of up to $1000. If you are unsure whether your child may be eligible or unsure when is the best time to bring in your children for an appointment, call the Somerset Dental Team today on 4648 0909.