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Who is the ideal patient for teeth whitening?

Who is the ideal patient for teeth whitening?

No doubt you’ve had times when you want to look your best; like your wedding day, making an entrance to your school reunion, creating a great first impression at a job interview, or simply to refresh your look.

Whatever your reason for wanting whiter teeth, our professional team at Somerset Dental Care can help.

Nothing says ‘WOW’ like a whiter, brighter smile.

Teeth whitening is ideal if you have healthy teeth and gums, and you want to get rid of the yellow tones in favour of a brighter smile.

There is no “right” shade of white. One common rule of thumb is not to make your teeth whiter than the whites of your eyes.

Speak to the team at Somerset Dental Care about what teeth whitening treatment is right for you. For the perfect ‘whiter’ smile, call 02 4648 0909 to book your consultation.


Every bride’s hottest accessory is her beautiful smile

Every bride’s hottest accessory is her beautiful smile

A recent ‘Cost of Love’ survey by Bride to Be magazine showed that 48 percent of brides choose to go through teeth whitening treatments before the big day. And why not!

On your wedding day, all eyes will be upon you. You’ll be photographed from morning til night, from getting ready with your bridesmaids, saying “I Do” to your chosen one and taking your first dance as a married couple. And you want to look your very best.

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life and having a radiant smile can be a big part of painting the beautiful picture you want to create.

Somerset Dental Care offers an in-chair teeth whitening service and our expert Dentists can give you brighter and whiter teeth in less than 2 hours. It’s the perfect solution for a busy bride who wants instant results.

Alternatively, we have our take-home teeth whitening kits that you can use in the convenience of your own home. Whatever option you choose, you will be amazed at the results.

By using the most advanced technology along with the newest treatments available, our qualified Dentists can make sure we get you the best teeth whitening results available.

Come in and see our friendly, experienced staff to talk about your dental care needs. We’ll work together to provide you with a great experience and the best outcome possible while in our care.

Somerset Dental has a great offer for brides wanting to get their pearly whites to match their beautiful dress – 20% off our in chair teeth whitening service. Mention the code BrideOnlineOffer to get this great dental service not for $850, but for $680.






Looking for a whiter smile? Teeth whitening will get you there.

Looking for a whiter smile? Teeth whitening will get you there.

Do you want a white smile? That smile that will stand out from the crowd? The smile that turns heads?

Teeth whitening is one of the most wanted procedures around Australia. That’s right, you’re not alone! Half of us would love our teeth to be whiter. Do you want to know the six issues standing in our way? Food, poor oral hygiene, tobacco, grinding your teeth, tooth trauma and even aging!

Let’s face it; it may be hard to give up your morning coffee which gets you through the day. Or the red wine you enjoy so much when it’s time to wind down and relax. Grinding your teeth? That happens subconsciously while you’re sleeping. And aging? If someone has a time machine or a fountain of youth in their backyard please let me know. These aren’t excuses; they are daily issues which sometimes can’t be stopped. So instead of giving up on the things you love, why not teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening restores the natural colour of your enamel and is one of the most requested procedures. No one wants to be ashamed or embarrassed to smile. Checking in regularly with your dental care professional ensures that your teeth stay healthy and whiter for longer. Grinding your teeth can create sensitivity which is why it may make it difficult to whiten your teeth. However at Somerset Dental we can find the best way to prevent and even take care of grinding teeth and tooth trauma.

So whether you’re a coffee or red wine drinker, aging in your years, a smoker or even a teeth grinder – you can still get that glowing white smile through teeth whitening. At Somerset Dental we offer in chair whitening or teeth whitening at home, offering the most preferred and flexible option for you. Contact the team at Somerset Dental today to discuss this quick and rewarding teeth whitening option.


Teeth Whitening With Zoom and Opalescence

Teeth Whitening With Zoom and Opalescence

Do you want whiter teeth?

At Somerset Dental Care, we understand the importance of a great smile. Our team of dentists offer expert and long-lasting Teeth Whitening services to help you create a fresh, confident, winning smile!

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a comfortable and pain-free professional procedure that safely improves the appearance and ‘whiteness’ of your teeth. It works by eliminating discolouration on your teeth and restoring them to a pearly white colour.
Teeth Whitening at Somerset Dental Care

How do we whiten teeth at Somerset Dental? Our dentists are experienced with both the ‘Zoom’ and ‘Opalescence’ teeth whitening systems. Both of these treatments are perfectly safe for your teeth – they won’t harm your teeth enamel or damage your dental work.

We’ll be able to take you through the whitening process to determine which treatment will be best for you.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom is a safe and clinically tested hydrogen peroxide agent that is very popular and that is used specifically in teeth whitening procedures. How does our ‘Zoom In Chair’ process work?

• Our dentists will first perform a quick checkup to make sure your teeth are all healthy and that they will respond to the whitening treatment
• Your gums and lips are then covered for protection and the Zoom gel is applied to your teeth
• Next, simply sit back in the chair and relax as our dentists expose your teeth to the light of the Zoom lamp; over 2-4 periods of 15 minutes each, the lamp light works with the gel agent to whiten and bleach your teeth
• That’s it! The treatment takes around 1 hour or less and when it’s done, you’ll have wonderfully bright, white teeth and a fantastic smile!

Take Home Opalescence

Opalescence is a take home, do-it-yourself teeth whitening product that can be applied either after a Zoom treatment or independently of a Zoom treatment. Many of our patients choose to do both, however, your dentist will advise which treatment will be best suited to your teeth.

• Like Zoom, Opalescence is a gel that works to bleach and whiten your teeth, but doesn’t require the use of a ‘whitening’ light
• You can opt for different concentrations of the gel, depending on how white you want your teeth to be, and you can even choose from different flavours!

• Your dentist will show you how to apply the gel yourself and then fit the tray over your teeth while at home; the best thing about this is that you can treat your teeth whenever it’s convenient for you – some patients choose to carry out the treatment during the day, while others will use it overnight
• Opalescence also contains fluoride and potassium nitrate, which serve to strengthen and protect your teeth enamel as your teeth whiten
• You should expect to see Opalescence results in around 1-7 days and you can always return to visit our friendly dental clinic if you experience any problems
Ready to brighten your smile?

At Somerset Dental Care, we’ve whitened hundreds of teeth, from ones that are highly stained and discoloured to others that simply need a brighter shade of white.

To learn more about our Zoom and Opalescence treatments, contact our happy dentists in Narellan on (02) 4648 0909 or [email protected]


Happier Smiles With Teeth Whitening

Happier Smiles With Teeth Whitening

Nothing is better than having sparkling white teeth! However, teeth can become stained or discoloured as you age, smoke, eat certain foods or fall behind on your oral care. Professional teeth whitening or teeth bleaching can make a huge difference to your smile and can help you feel more confident about your appearance.

1. What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a safe and increasingly common way to restore a pearly white appearance to discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening works by using a peroxide agent to dissolve stains on the enamel of the tooth and penetrate the stained tubules underneath the enamel, leaving your teeth cleaner and noticeably whiter as a result.

2. What Does Teeth Whitening Involve?

  • A checkup and clean is essential before you begin the teeth whitening process. Your dentist will clean your teeth and ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and suitable for bleaching.
  • A protective guard or gel is then applied to your gums to minimise any possible irritation caused by the bleaching agent.
  • Next, a gel containing the bleaching agent is applied to your teeth. More intense teeth whitening procedures may use a laser or UV light in the treatment as well, whereas others simply leave the gel on the teeth for several minutes.
  • The gel is then rinsed off and the process is repeated several times until your teeth are beautiful and white!

3. How Long Will It Take?

Having your teeth whitened by a dentist will usually take around 1 hour, with most people seeing impressive results after just one or two visits.

4. What If You Have Fillings and Crowns?

Teeth whitening and bleaching will not affect the colour of any crowns, bridges, veneers or white fillings you have. However, these can affect your suitability for teeth whitening, so you’ll need to chat to your dentist to learn more.

5. How Long Does Will Teeth Whitening Last?

Most teeth whitening will last for around 6-12 months, depending on your oral habits and care. You can prolong your teeth whitening results by avoiding foods that will likely stain your teeth (e.g. coffee), quitting smoking and practising good dental hygiene.

6. Are There Any Teeth Whitening Side Effects?

The most common side effect of teeth whitening is increased sensitivity of the teeth and gums; however, most people experience only a mild tingling sensation in their teeth or no side effects at all. To minimise side effects, make sure your teeth beaching is only carried out by a qualified and experienced dentist.

7. Will Teeth Whitening Work for You?

There are many different factors that will determine if teeth whitening will work for you, such as the current health of your teeth and gums, your age, whether or not you are pregnant, or if you have fillings, crowns or veneers. If you are eager to have your teeth whitened, simply speak to your family dentist about your teeth whitening options.

Do you want whiter, brighter teeth? Our team are fully qualified to perform teeth whitening and teeth bleaching services at our dental clinic in Macarthur/Camden. Make an appointment today and improve your smile with Somerset Dental Care!