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Wisdom Teeth Extraction: What’s Involved & What You Need to Know

Wisdom Teeth Extraction: What’s Involved & What You Need to Know

Many of us experience issues with our wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth generally come through in our adult years and if there isn’t enough room for them, they can cause various problems and/or pain. When this happens, wisdom teeth extraction is usually the best course of action.

Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Problems

If you notice any of the below occurring in and around your mouth, it could be a sign that your wisdom teeth are playing up:

  • Pain or stiffness near the tooth area or jaw
  • Swollen or broken gums
  • Pain or irritation caused by the tooth rubbing against your mouth, cheek or tongue
  • Teeth decay or pain related to overcrowding in the mouth

Wisdom Teeth Extraction – What Does It Involve?

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common treatment in dealing with troublesome wisdom teeth. It’s important to remember that while wisdom teeth extraction can seem daunting, it is a safe dental procedure and is not that different from removing ordinary teeth:

  • Your dentist will take x-rays (if they have not already done so) to determine the position and seriousness of the problem.
  • Your dentist will then take you through the extraction procedure and inform you of the risks involved. They may also put you on antibiotics.
  • On the day of your extraction, the dentist (or oral surgeon) will numb your gums and the surrounding mouth/jaw area; in some cases, you may be offered a heavier anaesthetic (e.g. if you are undergoing surgery).
  • Once your anaesthetic kicks in, the dentist or oral surgeon will work carefully to remove the wisdom tooth; this can sometimes involve removing tiny pieces of bone that are around the tooth or connected to the tooth. The dentist may also choose to separate the tooth into smaller pieces before extracting it.
  • When you wake, the dentist will give you some post-extraction instructions and oral care processes to follow to ensure a healthy recovery.
  • After the procedure is over, you should aim to rest for at least 2-3 days while you recover. Eating soft foods, keeping an ice pack on your jaw and salt rinses can all make you feel better.

How Do I Know If I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

It’s vital that you speak to your family dentist if your wisdom teeth are causing you pain or irritation, as they will inform you whether wisdom teeth extraction is needed.

Keep in mind that having your wisdom teeth removed earlier in life is beneficial, since you usually heal faster at a younger age and are less susceptible to infections.

What Next For My Wisdom Teeth?

A professional inspection of your wisdom teeth by a qualified dentist is essential in deciding if your teeth will later cause you problems. The next time you are booked in for a checkup and clean, ask your dentist about your wisdom teeth health and placement!

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7 Common Dental Problems You Should Know

7  Common Dental Problems You Should Know

You wouldn’t think so, but your teeth, gums and mouth can be complicated things. Learning to recognise common teeth and gum problems is essential in managing your oral health and preventing everyday problems from developing into more serious issues.

1. Teeth Decay/Erosion

Did you know that, according to the Australian Dental Association, tooth decay is one of Australia’s most common dental problems? The two main culprits behind tooth decay are poor oral hygiene and the consumption of too many sugary foods. To prevent decay, make sure you brush twice daily and avoid eating sugar or starch-based foods between meals. Dentist checkups and cleans every 4-6 months are also essential!

2. Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common dental issue and can be caused by issues like cavities, gum disease, dry mouth and poor oral care. If you suffer from bad breath, a trip to your local family dentist is in need; they will be able to diagnose the root of the problem and advise you on the best treatment moving forward.

3. Sensitivity

Those sharp pains you feel when you eat something hot or cold are usually an indication of tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity is a standard dental problem, especially among adults, but it can be easily treated. Changing toothpaste and topping up on fluoride are common remedies, however more serious sensitivity problems may call for a gum or root canal treatment.

4. Discolouration

Are your teeth yellow, grey or stained? Teeth discolouration can occur as a result of the food we eat, but is also related to poor oral hygiene and smoking. Brushing and flossing, as well as regular checkups and cleans, will help prevent discolouration. If your teeth are heavily stained, you can also choose a teeth whitening or teeth bleaching treatment to restore your clean, white smile!

5. Wisdom Pain

Wisdom teeth are those annoying back molars that can cause impaction or overcrowding in the mouth. They usually come through in your late teens or early twenties. If you sense pain in your back gums, jaw or lymph glands, a wisdom teeth extraction may be in need.

6. Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can be irritating and uncomfortable, but are also considered common dental problems. Topical treatments are usually available at your local pharmacy, however, if your mouth sore persists for more than two weeks, make sure you visit your family dentist as soon as possible, as it could be a sign of something more serious.

7. Gum Disease

Gum disease generally occurs in two stages: gingivitis (first) and periodontitis (second). The main signs of gum disease include bleeding or swollen gums, changes in gum appearance, pus between the gums, loose teeth and mouth sores. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should see your dentist immediately to work out the most ideal treatment for your gum problems.

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