At Somerset Dental Care sterilisation is of the utmost importance, sterilisation is key to preventing bacterial transmission from patient to patient. Fear of infection is valid; however, we are much more aware in our modern day and age of the dangers of germs and infection and how they can best be avoided. Sterilisation is one of the key basics to ensuring infection control is maintained within a dental surgery.

The Australian Dental Association requires that sharp instruments be ‘…placed in a puncture-resistant tray or bowl after each use.’ This ensures that when transported for sterilisation, no germs can be transported in anyway whatsoever. All sharp equipment needs to be sterilised after each individual use; if you are unsure of your dentist’s procedures don’t hesitate to ask. One of the easiest sterilisation steps for a patient to spot is whether your dentist and dental nurse are wearing gloves; it is required that gloves are changed between each patient. Again, don’t hesitate to ask any questions when it comes to your health and safety.

At Somerset Dental Care we are focused on providing the highest of care for our patients, believing that all people should have access to safe and healthy conditions during their dental appointments. It is stated by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia that “A patient-centred health system is known to be associated with safer and higher quality care.” At Somerset Dental Care we strive to offer the best patient care possible and we believe that prevention is key not only to your overall oral health but also during your visits at Somerset Dental Care.

For further information regarding the policies and procedures regarding sterilisation at Somerset Dental Care, please contact us on 1300 707 046.