Bad Breath – What Causes It & How Can You Fix It?

Bad Breath – What Causes It & How Can You Fix It?

At some point in our lives, we can all suffer from bad breath. Bad breath – which is known in the medical world as “halitosis” – is an unfortunate yet fixable problem. However, bad breath can also point to other, underlying problems with your oral health.

Bad Breath Causes

Poor Oral Hygiene is one of the most common causes behind bad breath and often indicates that your oral health may be poor.

Failing to brush and floss, can lead to bad breath because bacteria and plaque build up in the mouth and emit bad odours. Food left in the teeth can also rot and cause bad breath.

Other causes of bad breath can include:

  • Mouth Infections. Bad breath can sometimes indicate the presence of an infection in your mouth, like a cavity, ulcer or even gum disease. You’ll need to see your dentist straight away to resolve these problems
  • Smoking or drinking. Smoking and drinking can both stain your teeth and cause bad breath, so avoid these as much as possible
  • Dry mouth. Dry mouth is also a common cause of bad breath. This occurs when not enough saliva is produced to keep the mouth clean. It can be caused by other factors, like problems with the saliva glands or even other medications. If you think you are experiencing dry mouth, chat to your dentist or doctor as soon as possible
  • Foods we consume. Sometimes, the foods we consume can also cause bad breath. You can usually combat this problem by reducing your intake of these foods and/or cleaning your mouth after you eat
  • Respiratory Infections. Sinus and throat infections and other respiratory or digestive problems may also result in bad breath. If this is the case, speaking to your GP about overcoming your infection is the best action to take. If your bad breath continues even after you get better, talk to your dentist
  • Other Diseases. In some rare cases, bad breath can also by a symptom of other diseases, such as diabetes, acid reflux or even kidney failure. The best way to be safe is to discuss the problem with your dentist and your GP or health professional

How to Fix Bad Breath

Luckily, fixing bad breath can be easily achieved in the majority of cases:

1. Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Poor oral health is the most common factor that contributes to bad breath. You can begin improving your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing at least twice per day. Make sure you clean all the areas in your mouth, including your gums, tongue and the inside surfaces of your teeth. Your dentist may also tell you to use a mouthwash to help fight bad breath.

2. See Your Dentist

Talk to your dentist about your bad breath. They will be able to advise if other problems like cavities, ulcers or gum infections are actually contributing to your bad breath. They will also be able to treat your issues and prevent more serious oral problems from developing.

3. Address Other Problems

If you think your bad breath is being caused by another infection, disease or external factor (e.g. sinus problem, acid reflux, medication you are taking) you should talk to your doctor about how to treat or rectify the problem. In the meantime, your dentist can also help you overcome your bad breath problem.

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