Can teeth get the winter blues?

Can teeth get the winter blues?

With the winter weather here, there is an increased chance for many that they will experience some form of tooth pain as a direct result of the cold. Tooth sensitivity is a common complaint in winter because the drop in temperatures can make the pain we feel from existing issues more severe.

People whose teeth are sensitive feel pain when they eat or drink things that are very cold, hot or sweet, or when brushing. Classic examples of this kind of temperature-induced sensitivity are eating ice cream or biting into an ice-block. Simply breathing-in the cold air on a frosty Macarthur morning can be enough to exacerbate any underlying sensitivity issues.

There are a number of reasons we may feel pain or sensitivity in our teeth when exposed to colder conditions. The problem area that generally causes sensitivity is near the gum margin where the tooth nerve may be exposed because of a receding gum line. This condition requires specialised intervention, as offered by the knowledgeable professionals at Somerset Dental.

We can provide support and relief to those suffering dental pain and sensitivity through a range of services to suit your individual needs. Contact Somerset Dental today on 02 4648 0909 to put an end your teeth’s winter blues.

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