Why Dental Crowns Keep Your Smile Looking Good

Why Dental Crowns Keep Your Smile Looking Good

Dental crowns are specifically designed to strengthen or restore teeth after possible decay, root canal, or on a tooth weakened by numerous fillings. They can also be used on discoloured teeth and broken teeth.

The primary use of a dental crown is to help you keep your teeth for as long as possible, maintaining a great smile without missing teeth. A dental crown effectively caps or crowns whatever of the original tooth still remains and can make a large difference in a weak tooth crumbling later, maintaining your tooth for function and looks.

Our expert dentists will recommend a crown to provide greater strength, increased longevity, and better tooth protection. A crown also gives the dentist greater control over the tooth’s ultimate cosmetic appearance.

A dental crown can take several visits. As each crown is built around the size and shape of your tooth, we first need to make an impression of the tooth and the surrounding teeth. A temporary filling or crown may be put in place while your final crown is being built and on your next visit your final crown will be fitted.

A dental crown costs more than a filling but considering that they are generally longer lasting, improve the strength of your tooth, and can improve the look of a tooth, the benefits are long term.

Somerset Dental Care will recommend a personalised treatment plan for you, recommending the best option for keeping your smile looking good. If you are unsure of whether a dental crown is right for you, call the team today to organise a consultation – call 4648 0909.

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