Dental filling or dental crown – Are they really that different?

Dental filling or dental crown – Are they really that different?

Fillings and crowns are both highly effective dental procedures that can fill a cavity or repair a cracked tooth. However a tooth filling or crown can be recommended for different treatment paths and one isn’t necessarily better than the other for your specific dental problem.

A tooth filling is effectively a dental restoration that fills in a missing portion of tooth – possibly from a cavity – to restore the tooth to its original shape – and to restore strength to the tooth. The size and shape of the tooth are paramount in determining if a filling will be effective long term. If it is a large tooth with a large hole, the inherent strength of the tooth is in question and a tooth filling may not be the right procedure.

A dental crown may be needed to ensure the tooth will not crack or be damaged again in the near future. A dental crown effectively cups the tooth, protecting the filling on the inside of the tooth giving extra strength from the outside.

There can be a number of different reasons why we might suggest that a dental crown should be considered for a tooth. These include greater strength, increased longevity, better tooth protection as well as allowing the dentist greater control over the tooth’s ultimate cosmetic appearance.

While a dental filling is usually a one visit procedure, a dental crown can take several visits. As each crown is built around the size and shape of your tooth, we first need to make an impression of the tooth and the surrounding teeth. A temporary filling or crown may be put in place while your final crown is being built and on your next visit your final crown will be fitted.

A dental crown costs more than a filling, but considering that they are generally longer lasting, improve the strength of your tooth and can improve the look of a tooth- the benefits are long term.
Somerset Dental Care will recommend a personalised treatment plan for you, recommending the best option for your smile. If you are unsure of whether a dental crown or tooth filling is right for you, call the team today to organise a consultation – call 4648 0909.

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