Do DIY teeth straightening kits really work?

Do DIY teeth straightening kits really work?

These readily available aligner treatments have seen a rise in popularity due to being a cost effective alternative.

The new dental craze, mail ordering a set of aligners is on the rise.

Online search results are filled with DIY starter kits and social media posts explaining that these deliver amazing results.

But do these DIY aligners really work? Are they suitable for your oral health?

Especially compared with proper dental treatment?

The health effects of using DIY teeth straighteners

Celebrities and consumers will speak positively online about the benefits and oral health improvements that these kits offer.

However, you must remember these people are not professionals and do not have a professional background in dentistry.

Unsupervised DIY teeth aligners may be fitted and move teeth incorrectly, while also causing further gum and jaw damage.

This can potentially cause irreparable damage to your oral health.

In certain situations, especially minor issues, at home teeth straighteners may work, especially if you have good oral health.

DIY teeth aligners are for those willing to risk their oral health for a cheaper solution, which is not recommended by dentists.

Dental visits detect more than just your eye

During the initial consultation, the dentist will examine your oral health and provide the most suitable option, Invisalign.

Invisalign treatment is the professional virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth.

Dentists provide ongoing side-by-side support to help you achieve straighter teeth, while DIY aligner kits may not have your safety as a top priority.

Moving teeth is complicated.

Which is why, prior dental examinations and X-rays are important for your teeth, gums, jaw and overall dental health.

These consultations will minimise the risks and negative side effects for you.

Some key benefits of straight teeth:

  • Easier to clean and last longer
  • Reduced risks of jaw trouble
  • Overall oral health protection

Dental vs DIY teeth straightening kits

The top decider is the price difference between the two options.

Bring home teeth straightening kits are very affordable, but cannot treat major dental issues and further cannot guarantee your desired results.

While Invisalign dental treatment is more expensive, it is recommended over DIY kits.

Your dentist will correctly fit a mould to your teeth and provide ongoing support throughout the process to monitor your treatment.

This means the dentist can make suitable adjustments to your care throughout the treatment time if necessary.

The experience and skills of a dentist is more reliable than DIY and will help you achieve your desired results under the care of a professional.

Face to face treatment is always the recommended solution.

Do DIY teeth straightening kits work?

As outlined before, at home treatment may work while treating minor oral issues.

However DIY oral treatments are not recommended by professionals.

DIY treatments should only be used if you are absolutely okay with possible side-effects and or damage which may be irreversible.

The possible damage by DIY kits may have you seeing the dentist to assess the damage, which may end up being more costly than the Invisalign treatment.

So why not visit the dentist first?

This will allow for comprehensive and professional oral care.

Invisalign at Somerset Dental Care, Narellan

At Somerset Dental Care, we offer a wide range of treatments to patients ranging from general check-ups and cleans to more involved treatments like Invisalign.

Our experienced team of dental professionals can help patients achieve their dental goals. We pride ourselves on making patients feel comfortable and ensuring that they are educated about all aspects of their treatment with us!

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