With Halloween fast approaching you would think we might warn you about the dangers of too many lollies, and the effects the sugar will have on your teeth and gums. Instead, we just thought we would let you know of a really interesting statistic.

Did you know that Australia was ranked 10th in the world, in 2016, in consuming the most lollies per capita? According to the statistics, each person in Australia consumes 8.98kg of lollies each year[1].

We are not harbouring any illusions you will abstain from the sweet, sugary nectar of lollies, soft drinks and chocolate, post pirate-like raids on neighbour’s houses after trick-or-treating, that would be futile. Instead, we are going to offer some handy tips on how to help your teeth recover after your binge.

The first step is to prepare.

Make sure you have all the essentials to clean away all that sugar coating from your teeth, gums and mouth. Things you’ll need:

  • Floss: to remove captured lolly fragments from between your teeth.
  • Mouthwash: ideal for not just giving you minty fresh breath, but also killing bacteria and germs.
  • Soft/Medium Bristle Toothbrush: given the beating your teeth are going to get, it’s best to get a brush that isn’t going to do further damage.
  • Toothpaste: this obviously needs no explanation. It’s best to have something that provides cavity protection, and protects against sensitivity.

Now, we are not suggesting a marathon cleaning, just more of a staggered cleanse. Those who consider dental hygiene as important as garlic is to a vampire hunter may feel the need to brush after every few handfuls of lollies or chocolate, it’s actually not necessary and could do more harm than good. Why?

Some foods soften the enamel on your fangs, and if you brush directly after, you may risk hurting the enamel further. That’s why it’s best to let your fangs rest for about 30 minutes before brushing.

But if you feel the sugary after effects are too much to bear, simply rinse with water.

When you reach the point where you think you have to do something about it, just have a couple of glasses of water to rinse your mouth. It will remove some of the sugar and when the time comes, you can brush the rest away.

We understand that dental hygiene may not be a priority in your plans for Halloween, however, we also understand there is a good chance the phrase “why do my teeth hurt?” will be uttered at some point. We just want to offer some friendly advice to avoid that.

It’s also a great time to call Somerset Dental Care on 1300 707 046 and book your next clean and check up to keep on top of your preventative program. Unfortunately, we don’t have any advice for sore tummies. You’re on your own with that one. Sorry.

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