Is fear of dentists visits real?

Is fear of dentists visits real?

Few people look forward to a dentist visit, but there are those who are paralysed by fear who simply will not go to the dentist out for anxiety and dread. Also referred to as dental phobia, odontopobia or dentophobia, for many sufferers the fear comes from a previous traumatic dental experience that was most likely a difficult or painful procedure.

Fear of going to the dentist affects many Australian children and adults, ranging from a mild uncomfortableness to severe fear which causes them to not seek professional dental care even in an emergency.

A study conducted by the Australian Dental Association has found that 16 per cent of Australians have a strong fear of the dentist. Unfortunately, there is strong and consistent evidence that dental fear is related to poorer oral health, reduce dental visits and poorer oral health-related quality of life.

For those suffers, their fear of dental treatments is real. Overseas studies compare it to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, an emotional reaction caused by previous experience.

Unfortunately being such a sensitive area of the body, some dental procedures are uncomfortable and can result in pain.

At Somerset Dental, our entire team is here to make you comfortable and understand if you have anxiety about your visit to us. Our use behavioural techniques and pharmacological pain management will help allay your fears and ensure you receive regular dental treatment.

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