As a kid, fillings always seemed to be the concern of those older than us, not something we thought we would ever have to worry about. Every so often you would catch a glimpse of a silver/grey patch on the underside of an adult’s teeth. However, in some parts of the world, fillings aren’t always adult problems.  In fact, 12% of England’s three-year-olds, already suffer from tooth decay, and are future candidates for fillings[1].

While anyone who has teeth is at risk of getting cavities, certain factors can increase the likelihood of them forming. Of course, some things are naturally going to cause cavities, like eating and drinking too much sugar or continually grazing throughout the day. Continual eating stops your teeth from getting a rest from plaque destroying saliva.

Did you know a tooth’s location can also be a contributing factor in developing decay? Decay most often occurs in teeth at the back of your mouth (molars and premolars). This is because these teeth have lots of grooves, pits, crannies and multiple roots that can collect food particles. This means they are harder to clean, which can result in the speed up of decay.

A dry mouth can also be a problem. Low levels of saliva mean lower levels of the plaque fighting substances that fight off decay.

Another situation that shares a common theme is heartburn. Heartburn relates to stomach acid (reflux), flowing back in to your mouth, which causes damage due to the acid wearing away the enamel on your teeth.

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