How often should you go for a dental check-up?

How often should you go for a dental check-up?

Somerset Dental Care in Narellan offer dental check-ups and cleans to patients of all ages.

Our team is welcoming, friendly and tirelessly committed to improving their professional development and skills to bring only the best in leading technologies and techniques to our patients. The practice is safe and clean as it follows the strictest levels of sterilisation and infection prevention to ensure the best possible working environment. We give our patients everything they need to maintain their perfect smiles, that is why our team encourages regular dental check-ups every 6 months so as to prevent any dental issues that may become more serious down the line.

But why a professional clean?

Once an appointment has been made for your dental check-up, an in-depth examination of your teeth and gums is done to evaluate the state of your dental hygiene. Professional teeth cleaning helps the patient to remove hardened deposits that have formed and that cannot be effectively cleaned in your own home. When not properly cleaned, these deposits can cause tooth decay and even gum disease. A dental check-up and clean can also help to remove unwanted superficial stains from food or drink, as well as strengthening the teeth themselves through the use of a fluoride application.

The benefits of fluoride treatment

We think that we take good care of our teeth but in reality, our teeth are under attack from acid every day. The acid our teeth suffer from is naturally produced when the bacteria in plaque break apart the sugars and carbohydrates we consume while undermining the structure of the tooth, causing further decay.

We do have a natural intake of fluoride through the drinking of water and the eating of certain foods, this, however, does not always provide our teeth with the amount of protection that they need to prevent tooth decay. The damage that is done by acid attacks on your teeth is repairable with a fluoride treatment at your dentist, reversing the effects of the acid. Research has shown that fluoride indeed makes the structure of our teeth stronger by ‘remineralising’ them. The fluoride treatment thus allows the tooth to repair and become more resistant to acid attacks in the future.

Concerns and benefits of dental X-rays

Dental X-rays are crucial in obtaining the important information needed about the state of both your teeth and gums. The information the X-ray collects can detect early signs of dental trouble and as such will allow you to spare yourself the potential unpleasantness of tooth decay. It will also save you valuable time and money. The frequency at which we recommend X-rays may vary from patient to patient. We evaluate your dental history and examine your mouth to ascertain whether or not an X-ray will be necessary. When dealing with a patient who has a very healthy set of teeth, we suggest an X-ray check-up every 2 years.

If the patient has been having regular problems and pains with their teeth, then it may call for even more regular X-ray check-ups. If you are a new patient with us, we may use an initial X-ray to set a baseline for your oral health. This way we can compare your oral health in the future with previous observations. If you do have a previous oral health history with your previous dentist, we may request a copy with your consent to use for a stronger base of comparison.

Are x-rays a risk to my health?

The amount of radiation that a patient is exposed to from dental X-rays is luckily very minimal, about as much as a few days’ environmental background exposure. However, for extra reassurance and safety, we provide a leaded thyroid collar to shield the thyroid from radiation for women of childbearing age, pregnant women and children.

Are x-rays dangerous before, during or after pregnancy?

If a dental infection becomes increasingly bad and remains untreated, it can pose a danger to your unborn child. Each case is treated individually and at times we may have to use an X-ray before the baby is born. This is not to be feared, as we use a leaded apron to protect your baby from any radiation exposure.

If you are trying to have a baby or if you have recently had one you need not wait to have a dental X-ray done as it is more than safe. Should you have any concerns about the process and the safety of it all, we are more than happy to discuss it with you. To find out more about our dental check-up treatment, or to make an appointment, please click here.

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