What that juice is really doing to your baby’s teeth

What that juice is really doing to your baby’s teeth

There is a common misconception about the “healthiness” of juices, especially when it comes to the impact it has on the dental health of young children.

As a new parent, you are more than likely extremely concerned with what foods you allow your baby to have. Despite years and years of juice being held as a healthy standard for children and adults alike, it is now thought that consistent consumption of juice can have a significantly damaging effect on tooth enamel, encouraging tooth decay and subsequent infections. Even when mixed with a large percentage of water, exposing your baby’s teeth to the sugars and acids in juice can cause irreversible damage.

Decay occurs when sugar mixes with the bacteria found in the mouth to form a strong acid. This acid then attacks the enamel by softening it. Once the enamel is softened by drinking juice, it is even damaging to brush your baby’s teeth, as this can wear it away faster. So by limiting the amount, as well as the frequency that you allow your child to drink juice, can promote better dental health and avoid serious issues in the future.

By breaking down the softer enamel of your child’s baby teeth, even watered juice can cause very serious dental issues in your child.

This doesn’t mean that you need to eliminate juice from your baby’s diet altogether. Like all sweet and sugary foods, moderation is highly recommended. The dietary recommendations listed on http://www.rethinksugarydrink.org.au/facts/tooth-decay.html suggest that juice is given to children in moderation or substituting it for milk or water.

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