Well, 2017 is officially in the past and we are powering through the beginning of 2018. As you will no doubt have a list of resolutions for the year ahead, we would like you to add one more to that list, and that is ‘have great oral hygiene’.

So what are some of the steps you need to take this New Year, and continue throughout the year, in order to at least achieve this New Year’s resolution?

Buy a New Toothbrush

Get rid of the bristly one you have in your bathroom and get a new toothbrush. Based on the calculation that you need to use it two times a day for two minutes each time, you should be replacing your brush every three to four months. Unless it becomes frazzled earlier, in which case you replace it earlier.



That’s right, floss.

It’s highly recommended that people floss their teeth once a day. However, at Somerset Dental, we are a little more realistic about people starting a new endeavour, and realise that it will need to be a build-up. So maybe aim for a daily flossing by the end of the year. For the month of January, see if you can floss twice a week. In February, try three times a week, and in March try four, etc… By the end of the year you should be flossing every day.


Not to be used as a substitute for brushing, apples are a great way to maintain your smile. The best time to have one is after lunch. The chewing factor helps produce healthy, bacteria fighting saliva, while the firm apple helps to dislodge any trapped food from your teeth, ensuring no build-up of bacteria.

Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year

Many dentists will recommend you visit them twice a year. If you are a smoker or suffer from gum disease, then you may be advised to see them more often. Think of regular visits to your dentist as a way to provide preventative care. Your Dentist will be able to monitor your teeth for possibility of future issues, and can provide you with or recommend preventative measures and steps you can take.

If you feel that your teeth could do with a little more care, and would like to talk with one of our dentists, please feel free to arrange a consultation by calling us on 1300 707 046, or you can fill out our online form here, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Happy New Year from all of us at Somerset Dental Care.

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