Should I stay or should I go? Why wisdom teeth extraction is often necessary

Should I stay or should I go? Why wisdom teeth extraction is often necessary

Wisdom teeth can be a highly problematic area of dental health and one that does not always have a simple answer.  There are very few instances where it is advisable to leave wisdom teeth in place. Every case is different, but there is often the need to remove these teeth as a pre-emptive measure.

Somerset Dental can expertly advise on each individual’s case with consideration of a wide range of personal and procedural factors that may mean the difference between taking your wisdom teeth out, and leaving them alone.

Some of the key reasons to extract wisdom teeth are:

  • To prevent infection

Partially impacted wisdom teeth are very prone to infection as they are difficult to keep clean. Removing these teeth is a low impact and comprehensive way to avoid these teeth causing infections.

  • To assist with overcrowding issues

Extracting wisdom teeth can allow the extra room your mouth may need to accommodate overcrowding. This is the easiest way to deal with an overcrowding issue without extensive orthodontic treatment.

  • To prevent damage to the adjacent teeth and bone

Infections, decay and misalignment of wisdom teeth can cause significant damage to the surrounding teeth. Your dentist will probably want to deal with these as soon as possible in order to preserve the condition of your other teeth.

  • To reduce discomfort

Wisdom teeth can cause moderate to severe discomfort to some people as they are erupting from the gums or if they are left partially impacted. By removing the teeth in question, instant relief can be achieved for those who are suffering pain with their wisdom teeth.

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort with your wisdom teeth, or simply want to ensure that they are not hindering your oral health and hygiene, contact Somerset Dental today for a consultation.

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