Store Bought VS Dentist: The Mouthguard Chronicles

Store Bought VS Dentist: The Mouthguard Chronicles

When most of us last wore a mouthguard, we were far younger than we are now, and they were usually purchased from a sports store and came in a hard, plastic container that was slightly less malleable than the mouthguard itself. If you had lost yours and needed to buy one on the way to the game, chances are you knew you were in for a painful game. And not because of the opposition.

Having a mouthguard properly fitted by a dental professional is an important step to safe game play. The benefits to having a custom-fitted mouthguard are quite extensive. Apart from being better fitted and more effective in protecting your mouth, most reports point to no negative impacts on athletic performance.

Mouthguards can be custom made to provide the best fit and protection for your teeth. The dentist makes an impression of your teeth and creates a plaster model to ensure the closest possible fit. A good mouthguard needs to be at least 4mm thick to provide a cushioning effect that protects against impact. Also, a snug fit that still allows the wearer to talk is vitally important in a big game.

On the other hand, boil-and-bite or store bought mouthguards can be purchased at a sports store. They are self-fitted by immersing in boiling hot water, then rapidly cooled then bitten in to the malleable plastic so that it takes the shape of your teeth and gums.

A product like this can be less effective and far more uncomfortable, due to it not conforming perfectly to your bite or anatomy of your jaw. What’s more, boil-and-bite mouthguards had no report of negative effects due to discomfort and breathing difficulties.

Having said this, if you are in a bind, any mouthguard is better than none.

At Somerset Dental Care, we can take moulds of your teeth and have a custom fit mouthguard made to ensure maximum protection and comfort. To book an appointment to come and see us, please feel free to call on 1300 707 046, or use our online appointment form here, and one of our team will contact you for confirmation as soon as possible.

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