Sugars and Acids – The Worst Of A Bad Bunch

Sugars and Acids – The Worst Of A Bad Bunch

With so many damaging chemicals found in modern foods, it is virtually impossible to avoid them all of the time. Whether they are naturally-forming or an additive, sugars and acids are found in almost every food we consume as part of a modern diet and are proven to have severe effects on general dental health.

To understand why eating sugary foods can have such a negative impact on your teeth, it is important to understand the relationship between sugar and acid. When you eat any kind of sugar, this combines with the natural bacteria in your mouth to form acids. This acid then aggressively attacks the enamel of the tooth, stripping away its protective surface. This process weakens the tooth, making it highly susceptible to decay, infection or possibly an even more serious complication.

Every time acid is able to form, it can attack tooth enamel for around 20 minutes. That means that each time you take a sip or a bite of something containing sugar, you start the acid attack process all over again. So you can imagine that each can of soft drink or piece of cake can provide a lot of opportunities for acids to affect your teeth.

Limiting your exposure to high sugar foods is one of the best ways to minimise your risk of tooth decay. By combining a really comprehensive oral hygiene routine with a balanced diet, you can be sure that you are doing everything you can to protect your teeth.

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