What is family dentistry?

What is family dentistry?

Family dentists receive training that enables them to work with patients of all ages.

Choosing to visit a family dentist enables you to benefit from expanded services and treatment of many common dental problems of all ages.

Treatment for the whole family.

Family dentists provide dental care for all ages from toddlers to the elderly. They begin seeing children from the ages of 3, the older the child gets the more regular dental visits need to take place. By visiting your family dentist regularly, you can prevent any serious dental issues from occurring with early diagnosis and treatment.

Build trust with your dentist over time.

Having a family dentist that you can trust with a long history, enables you to feel more comfortable and be less anxious at your regular check-ups. Many people have family dentists that they have been seeing for the majority of their lives and almost all of the members of their family visit the same dentist. When your dentist has been seeing you and your family members for a long time, it enables them to identify issues and causes of action quicker. You may be suffering from dental anxiety if you experience:

  • Sweating
  • Racing heartbeat or palpitations.
  • Low blood pressure and possible fainting.
  • Visible signs of distress such as crying or panic.
  • Withdrawal or using humour or aggression to mask anxiety.

They are able to treat the problem before it worsens.

Having a family dentist you feel comfortable with will make attending regular dental appointments far easier and less nerve-wracking.

Oral health problems occur when the hygiene and care of your teeth are not being maintained correctly. Many issues with oral health can be stopped when treated early to avoid major problems such as tooth loss. Many family dentists offer preventative comprehensive exams to identify certain problem areas in the mouth. Your dentist will recommend that you take the following steps to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss between the teeth every day.
  • Visit a dentist regularly for check-ups and cleaning.
  • Cut down on sugary foods and drinks.
  • Try to avoid smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation.

They are able to correct your smile at every stage of life.

Family dentists are able to offer specific treatments that correct the smile and make changes to the overall appearance and health of the teeth. For older children and teenagers, this may mean Invisalign is necessary to straighten the teeth and prevent overcrowding or crookedness. For adults, they may benefit from teeth whitening or dental veneers. The elderly in the family can benefit from denture fittings as well as implants in order to replace missing teeth or bone density loss.

Restoring and replacing lost or damaged teeth.

Losing a tooth is more than just a cosmetic issue. Missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift and can affect your bite as well as tooth alignment. Missing a tooth can affect the way you speak and eat and can interfere in your daily lifestyle. Your dentist will be able to assess the mouth structure, gum health and the condition of your other teeth, to create a personal plan of action for your treatment. Bridges, dentures and dental implants are some of the few treatment options available for patients to discuss with their dentist.

Your family dentist can detect soft-tissue issues.

Bacteria in the mouth feed off stray pieces of food building up to form plaque. Plaque can infect the gums and cause soft-tissue issues such as gingivitis. Gum disease can even occur in young children who consume a lot of sugar and have poor oral hygiene. Treatments for gum disease may include special cleaning procedures and medications in the early stages. If the case is severe then minor oral surgery may be necessary.

Your family dentist can greatly affect your oral health.

Somerset Dental Care is the family dentist in New South Wales that offers extensive family dentistry that can take care of your entire family’s needs.

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