When was the last time you went for your dental check-up?

When was the last time you went for your dental check-up?

It’s so easy to teach your children to brush their teeth two times a day and to drill into them the importance of good oral care, but how well are you doing in actually practising what you preach.

In between hectic schedules and a busy lifestyle that most of us lead, it can be lost through the cracks. In this article, we look at why we always need to make sure we have a good oral routine not only at home but by regularly visiting the dentist for our professional teeth clean.

It’s highly recommended to have your teeth cleaned professionally at least every six months. Frequently cleaning and examination can help prevent further oral disorders. The tools dentists use are better at removing tartar that may develop even if you follow a good home oral routine, the tools are able to reach into spaces or areas that your toothbrush struggles to reach. By using tooth scaling and tooth polishing methods which loosen and remove deposits from the teeth

Tooth scaling

Tooth scaling helps remove an excessive build-up of plaque which could lead to gum disease and severe cavities. This method reaches below the gumline and can be viewed as a deep cleaning process. The saliva and bacteria in our mouth cause a thin layer that protects our teeth but sometimes because of acidic foods sugars we consume it can cause a thick layer or build up of the plaque. The bad bacteria in plaque is what we don’t need in our mouth because it causes tooth decay and gum disease

Tooth polishing

Now, this is a process that some patients actually enjoy. This happens when the dentist or dental hygienist uses a small, soft rubber cup and polishing paste. If there are severe stains on the teeth, the dentist might choose to use an air polishing system which consists of a pressurised air and water mix. Another type of polishing that dentists choose to use is called therapeutic polishing which removes bacteria from tooth roots that are exposed during dental surgeries.

What to guard against when scaling or polishing

There isn’t really a danger with these two treatments but rather just factors to guard against. If you have teeth sensitivity, untreated cavities, exposed dentin or roots then its probably best that you get those treated before you polish or scale. By doing this,  you ensure that the treatment actually gives you the best results. Although if you have hypertension or respiratory issues then this isn’t the best treatment for you as the treatment could weaken your tooth enamel.

The original teeth cleaning routine

Even though you have to see the dentist regularly you should never neglect your daily oral routine. This will make the dentist very proud of you when he has to clean your teeth professionally and it will keep you out of danger from various oral diseases

  • This is the holy grail of your oral care, where it all starts. Make sure you brush in a circular motion and that the bristles of your brush are always sharp enough to give you a brisk brush. Be careful though, don’t be too harsh so as to damage your gums. Some opt for electrical brushes which have also proven quite effective
  • Mouthwash bubbles. Mouth wash is good to be used regularly as well because it has antibacterial properties that can help to fight plaque and cavities. On top of that, while you rotate the mixture in your mouth, it also helps you with any bad breathe, look at it as your oral deodorant.
  • This step is sometimes missed but and only remembered when we have food stuck in between our teeth but the fact is regular flossing helps a lot with cleaning in between the teeth where food can get stuck in those spaces resulting in the build-up of plaque.

Remembering these processes will work in your favour when you have your next visit with us

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