What is the future of dentistry?

What is the future of dentistry?

Dentistry has blossomed alongside advances in modern technology and we will soon be doing some incredible things to maintain and improve your oral health.

In the 21st century we have built upon the technology boom of previous years and we are now able to provide you with some of the most sophisticated dental technologies around. This exponential development means that the future holds some very exciting concepts that we can use to give you even better care. Predictions suggest that preventative dentistry will be prioritised along with access to care and reduced treatment times for patients. These innovations will change the way we think about dentistry and your oral health, allowing us to do our jobs with greater efficiency.

Digital technologies and A.I. in dentistry

One of the arms of technology that has had a dramatic effect on our lives in other areas is the digital sector and it is now set to play an even bigger role in the quest for better care. These advances help us to more accurately predict the results of your procedures and the way in which your teeth will behave. With digital technologies becoming more apparent, A.I. will inevitably become a part of the care that you receive and as it becomes integrated into the healthcare system.

A.I. will be able to schedule appointments and communicate smartly with patients with regards to any pre or post-operative concerns, dental emergencies and prescription records. It is thought that a little further down the line, robots and A.I. could assist in the physical care given to patients and in some cases be trusted to independently perform simple procedures.

The role of stem cell research in dentistry

Stem cell research is undoubtedly one of the most exciting sectors of modern medicine; so much so that there is even a possibility that we could fully regrow teeth and completely eliminate the need for root canals. There have already been successful tests where dental fillings have been created to stimulate stem cells that promote dentin growth, which is effectively what your teeth are made of. Imagine no false teeth and the ability to have a full set of teeth that can be regenerated and replacement teeth that are 100% you. CRISPR is a method of editing genomes that has been touted as the major potential breakthrough and could achieve almost limitless results in the near future. If we can find the genes responsible for a disorder we can then alter the genome’s entire genetic structure.

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