Check up and Clean

Dental Check-Up and Cleaning Narellan

Dental Check-Up and Clean

Somerset Dental Care provide dental check-up and cleans to patients of all ages. Our friendly team encourage patients to have regular check-ups every six months. This allows you to prevent any dental problems from becoming serious issues later.

Why get a professional clean?

At your initial consultation, we make a thorough examination to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. Regular professional teeth cleaning removes hardened deposits (tartar) that cannot be removed at home. Tartar causes tooth decay and gum disease.

Cleaning also includes a polish to remove superficial stains and a fluoride application to strengthen teeth.

Why should I have fluoride treatment?

You may not know it, but your teeth are attacked by acid every day. Acid is produced naturally when the bacteria in plaque break down the sugars and carbohydrates we eat, but it also undermines the structure of the tooth, causing decay.

Though we get fluoride from our food and water, we often don’t get enough to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride treatment at your dentist can actually reverse the effects of acid attacks on your teeth.

Research has shown that fluoride strengthens the structure of the tooth by ‘remineralising’ it, so that the damage is repaired, and the tooth becomes more resistant to acid.

How do X-rays help?

Dental X-rays provide valuable information about your oral health, both teeth and gums. X-rays are another tool that helps us detect dental problems at an early stage to save you time, money and unnecessary discomfort.

How often should I have an X-ray?

We review your history, examine your mouth and then decide whether or not you need an X-ray. In a healthy person, we often recommend an X-ray every two years. If your teeth are causing you trouble, we may recommend more frequent X-rays.

For new patients, we can use X-rays to establish a baseline of your oral health for future comparisons. If your previous dentist has taken X-rays, we may request copies with your consent, and use them for comparison as well.

Aren’t X-rays dangerous?

Fortunately, radiation exposure from dental X-rays is extremely low, equivalent to a few days’ environmental background exposure. But just to be on the safe side, we use a leaded thyroid collar to protect the thyroid from radiation for women of childbearing age, pregnant women and children.

What if I am pregnant?

Untreated dental infections can pose a risk to unborn babies. So sometimes, an X-ray might be needed for dental treatment that can’t wait until after your baby is born. We assess each situation on a case-by-case basis and if an X-ray is necessary we use a leaded apron to prevent exposure to the baby.

What if I’m trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding?

Dental X-rays do not need to be delayed if you are trying to become pregnant or are breastfeeding. But we are more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

If you would like to know more, or to book an appointment, please contact us today.