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Emergency Dentistry FAQ's

A dental emergency is an incident that requires immediate dental attention. Some examples of dental emergencies include a knocked-out adult tooth, severe pain, or uncontrollable bleeding. Some incidents that are not considered dental emergencies but should be booked in for dental care are a chipped tooth with no pain or common toothaches.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please get in contact with us on 1300 707 046 immediately. Or, contact the nearest emergency dentist near you.


If your tooth has been knocked out, preserve it until arriving at the dentist by picking it up by the crown, rinsing it off, and keeping it in a container of milk or salt water. Place gauze on your bleeding spot.

In a dental emergency, contact your regular dentist right away to book an emergency appointment. We can be reached on 1300 707 046. If you are unable to get a hold of your dentist, go to an emergency dentist near you.