5 common dental problems in children

5 common dental problems in children

Tooth decay is Australia’s most common health problem and is described as the most common ‘disease’ in Australians. The largest group of tooth decay sufferers are children. According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA) 11 million newly decayed teeth develop each year!

Tooth decay is not the only dental problem children suffer, but it is the most common. Children’s dental problems attribute to 600,000 lost school days a year and the number is only growing (ADA). So what are other common dental problems in children? See the list below.

1.Tooth Decay
As already mentioned, tooth decay is the most common dental problem in children. Scarily one in two 12 year olds has decay in their permanent teeth (AIHW). This is due to a lack of good dental care, caused by brushing teeth irregularly, children not seeing a dentist in earlier years and overall diet.

2.Not visiting the dentist
In 2012 just over 1 in 4 children between 2-4years old visited the dentist (AIHW). Missing out on dental services from an early age sets a bad dental standard for life. Prevention is key to optimum oral health, a good teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment protects your teeth until your next six monthly appointment and means less likelihood of needing a tooth filling in the future.

3.Thumb sucking
Thumb sucking is pretty normal for young children, however when thumb sucking continues past toddlerhood and when permanent teeth are coming through, it is a cause for concern. Thumb sucking can lead to teeth being pushed out of alignment and can cause an overbite. Prevent your children from thumb sucking and you can prevent your children needing braces.

4.Premature tooth loss
Natural early tooth loss isn’t always a problem, but if neglected it can become an issue. If a molar is lost early the remaining baby teeth may move into this space, it is important to watch this as spacing may be affected in the mouth when adult teeth come through. It is best to continue visiting your child’s dentist for up to date dental care during this time.

5.Gum disease
It is important to look after our children’s gums as our gums are what keep our teeth in place. Gingivitis is a gum disease that causes inflamed gums and it begins with plaque build-up. Teaching your child how to brush their teeth and gums properly will ensure good oral health and will keep away gingivitis.

Starting good dental care habits from a young age will ensure your children will maintain their teeth for a long time to come. At Somerset Dental care we offer the Child Dental Benefit Schedule, a government incentive that provides eligible children between the ages two and 17years access to basic dental services of up to $1000. To make a booking for your children call the Somerset Dental Team on 4648 0909.

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