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Welcome to Somerset Dental Care

At Somerset Dental Care, our first priority is your comfort. We have first-hand knowledge of what you expect in your dental care and believe that prevention is the key to maintaining great dental health that ultimately keeps you out of the dentist's chair.

Our qualified dentists are local to the Narellan area and are committed to continuing their education in dentistry to ensure that the newest treatments and most advanced technologies are at their fingertips.

Come in and see our friendly and experienced staff to talk about your dental needs or why not take the opportunity to view our video. We are a tight-knit team and will work with you to ensure that you have the best experience possible while in the care of our friendly dentists.

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News & Tips From Our Dentists

  • Smiling and Happiness

    Does smiling make you happier?

    There is a myth that the number of muscles used when smiling is far less than when you frown. The take away being that you should smile more. Whilst we agree that everyone should smile more, the science behind that statement isn’t exactly proven. This is because different people have…

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  • healthy-holidays

    Healthy Holiday Treats – recipes of healthy snacks, treats, and meals for post-Christmas feasts

    With summer holidays upon us, thoughts of long warm days languishing by the pool as the sun goes down often make us think of beautiful summer salads and dishes. However, summer holidays can also mean overindulging on sugary treats such as candy canes and sacks full of lollies and chocolates….

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  • Should You Extract Your Wisdom Teeth?

    Earning Wisdom – should you extract your wisdom teeth?

    The removal of wisdom teeth is standard practice nowadays, and for good reason: there are many potential problems that can occur from avoiding removal. Our infographic highlights six signs that your wisdom teeth may cause.

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  • Do I need a tooth extraction?

    To pull or not to pull – do I need a tooth extraction?

    Tooth extraction is a procedure where a tooth that’s causing pain gets removed from its place in the gum. While many people need a tooth extraction, only few know much about it. To learn whether you need a tooth extraction, chew over this helpful guide. There are several reasons why…

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  • Maintaining weakened teeth is just as important as maintaining healthy teeth.

    The Royal Crown – Maintaining Teeth With Serious Issues

    The benefits of maintaining good healthy teeth are well known. However, once teeth have serious issues or are weakened by treatments such as fillings or crowns, there is even more a reason to maintain good dental hygiene. By maintaining a daily routine of good dental hygiene, you can increase your…

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