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Welcome to Somerset Dental Care

At Somerset Dental Care, our first priority is your comfort. We have first-hand knowledge of what you expect in your dental care and believe that prevention is the key to maintaining great dental health that ultimately keeps you out of the dentist's chair.

Our qualified dentists are local to the Narellan area and are committed to continuing their education in dentistry to ensure that the newest treatments and most advanced technologies are at their fingertips.

Come in and see our friendly and experienced staff to talk about your dental needs or why not take the opportunity to view our video. We are a tight-knit team and will work with you to ensure that you have the best experience possible while in the care of our friendly dentists.

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News & Tips From Our Dentists

  • Back Tooth School

    We would like to wish all those going back to school the best for 2018. If you have a little one going to school for the first time, take plenty of tissues. You’re going to need them. And when their teeth start to outgrow them, Somerset Dental will be there….

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    The New Year has come and so have the New Year’s resolutions. In a UK survey taken in January 2017, it was found that 38% of people had ‘exercise more’ as their number one resolution, with 33% wanting to lose weight. 1

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    Well, 2017 is officially in the past and we are powering through the beginning of 2018. As you will no doubt have a list of resolutions for the year ahead, we would like you to add one more to that list, and that is ‘have great oral hygiene’. So what…

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  • DENTAL X-RAYS: Myths and Benefits

    At Somerset Dental Care, we like to ensure that every patient has access to the very best equipment and procedures in order to ensure they are getting the best dental care possible. One procedure we have found to be of the utmost importance is dental X-rays.  Dental X-rays provide valuable…

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    When anyone says the word ‘dentist’ or ‘dentistry’ it’s quite easy to picture a human, male or female, leaning over you with teeth cleaning equipment, or someone laying on a dentist chair with a bib and mouth full of cotton.

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