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At Somerset Dental Care, our first priority is your comfort. We have first-hand knowledge of what you expect in your dental care and believe that prevention is the key to maintaining great dental health that ultimately keeps you out of the dentist's chair.

Our qualified dentists are local to the Narellan area and are committed to continuing their education in dentistry to ensure that the newest treatments and most advanced technologies are at their fingertips.

Come in and see our friendly and experienced staff to talk about your dental needs. We are a tight-knit team and will work with you to ensure that you have the best experience possible while in the care of our friendly dentists.

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News & Tips From Our Dentists

  • How does a drink damage your teeth?

    How does a drink damage your teeth?

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  • I’m not in pain! Do I still need a dental checkup?

    The extreme pain that can experienced as a result of a tooth problem can often be avoided by preventative measures. Many dentistry problems can become avoided altogether by a regular program of preventative maintenance. Visits every six months are our recommendation for adults and children to ensure any early signs of…

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  • Tooth Sensitivity in Winter

    Can teeth get the winter blues?

    With the winter weather here, there is an increased chance for many that they will experience some form of tooth pain as a direct result of the cold. Tooth sensitivity is a common complaint in winter because the drop in temperatures can make the pain we feel from existing issues…

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  • Fillings versus Extractions

    Modern Filling Techniques

    Dental fillings are an important dental restorative procedure that repairs worn, decayed, or damaged teeth. The generation of people born since 1970 have been exposed to more dental prevention than any preceding generation particularly through broad-spectrum fluorides in toothpaste and drinking water. Subsequent generations also have access to the most…

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  • What that juice is really doing to your baby’s teeth

    There is a common misconception about the “healthiness” of juices, especially when it comes to the impact it has on the dental health of young children. As a new parent, you are more than likely extremely concerned with what foods you allow your baby to have. Despite years and years…

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